Franatech AS

📅 August 12, 2019

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Franatech has lately delivered the first subsea leak detection system for 25 years maintenance free installation for the Trestakk field in the Norwegian sector. The system based on “sniffer” laser based technology has the highest sensitivity for discovering even minor/early hydrocarbon leaks subsea (oil and gas).

During 2018, Franatech also signed contracts for supplying subsea leak detection for all together 5 different projects in the Norwegian sector, these for three different operators, all projects to be delivered during 2019. This clearly places Franatech as a key supplier of permanent leak detection systems, enabling safe and environmental friendly operations subsea.

In May 2019, Franatech received another subsea leak detection for permanent monitoring, this for another operator in the North Sea, this to be delivered 2019/2020

In April, Franatech delivered a hydrocarbon gas detector for AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) based mobile leak detection to a major service company, serving a global operator for pipeline leak detection.

In 2017, Franatech supplied the most complete lander based system for environmental monitoring to an international operator, this built around Franatechs state of the art hydrocarbon and CO2 sensors. The system built by Franatech also consists of several other instruments to monitor biological and physical conditions at deep water, both from natural conditions and during and after drilling activities taking place. The lander has been successfully deployed at different locations over periods from 6 weeks to 4 months, gathering unique knowledge about the potential impact oil and gas operations might have. In addition, it gives a continuous monitoring of possible events during operation. This is the first project in the world of its kind. Franatech has delivered CO2 sensors to several aquaculture plants as the importance of following closely the CO2 content continuously in recirculation plants is realized. Franatech is delivering the industry’s most robust instrument with no to limited maintenance requirements.

In late 2018, Franatech delivered its deep water hydrocarbon and CO2 sensors to the LoVe II environmental monitoring station outside Norway